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About Me

My background

I've lived in California's 5th district for more than half my life. I went to Napa College, I've had a son at Sutter-Solano, I've lived, loved and even lost within this district. I know what its like to struggle through unemployment and to try to feed your family on Welfare. I worked hard volunteering for Bernie Sanders in the 2016 primary and joined the Green Party when they chose another candidate. I believe that we can, and need to, continue the political revolution and make this district one of the most progressive voting districts in the state, and do it without corporate money.

My top priorities

Our top priority has got to be reforming our electoral system, including ending Citizen's United. Once we accomplish that goal, it will be much easier for us to change our system into an economy that benefits everyone. It is also a priority to me to pass Universal Healthcare, so that we can join the rest of the industrialized world in providing healthcare as a right. How will we pay for that? By decreasing the over inflated military budget by at least 50%. Our military is already far, far stronger than it really needs to be, for any real practical purpose. And Bush and Obama's oil wars are NOT practical.

Other important issues

A huge issue that needs to be fixed immediately is demilitarize our police forces, and instead give them deescalation training. Taking a life should be the LAST resort, not the first resort. The war on drugs must end. And an end must come immediately to corporate prisons, which is an unbelievable form of exploitation. I also plan on forming a coalition of Congresspeople to pressure the EPA for mercury clean up of our lakes and rivers, and writing a bill to ban glyphosate poison nationally.


Sign up if you can help make phone calls, canvass, organize, have graphic design skills or other skills that can help our campaign.

Help Our Cause

One of the most difficult parts of running for office, and one of my least favorite things to do is to ask people I don't know for their money. But running for office isn't free, and I am taking on a corporate Democrat who is very skilled at collecting big donations from wealthy donors. I do not accept corporate donations. I only accept individual donations Any donations from businesses (or international) will be returned, minus the handling fee that I get charged for each donation. 

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